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Three chords, a couple verses, and a chorus to lift the soul when the lights go down. At Anthem on Ashley, we find ourselves in the history of our little corner in Old Fourth Ward just steps from the BeltLine. The ATL punk, garage-rock, and metal music scenes were galvanized. Wrung with sweat and littered with guitar strings. Turned up to 11 in 100 or so 10x10 rehearsal spaces formerly known as Thunderbox Studios. But the energy cannot be destroyed, only converted. And the creativity that bloomed here lives on in the heartbeat of Anthem on Ashley. A new song rising out of the cigarette ash of one of Atlanta’s cultural icons.

See why KNOWAtlanta calls Anthem on Ashley one of the city's five places you want to live in.


Thunderboxers pay homage to the former music icon, Thunderbox Studios.

"The Thunderbox was a place for me to walk in, and leave all of my stresses in the parking lot. I would walk through that door and dream, and create songs. I didn't think about my every day problems. I would collaborate with friends, bang on things, scream, make noise, and feel free. It was an escape. I miss it."

"Thunderbox's vibe was heavy, punky, chain-smoking, PBR-swilling gloriousness. This wasn't a place filled with nice, clean-cut kids with guitars and ambitions to be on The Voice...this was filthy carpet and really loud amps. It was cheap rent, cheap beer, and a lot of forgiveness from management. It was a last-of-its-kind gathering point for this city's DIY music scene, and I'm proud to have been a tiny part of it and sad to see it gone."


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